School Board Candidates and Typos Don’t Mix

Discovering a typo in your campaign materials is bad enough, but there is a special penalty for those who want to be in charge of educating our children.  The candidate statement is one of those items that should be looked over and over again for mistakes and correct grammar–especially since it’s usually the first thing you write as a candidate.

The below excerpts come from the candidate statement of Linh T. Nguyen, candidate for Governing Board of the Washington Unified School District in Yolo County, CA (italics are ours):

As business owner, I understand the many challenges of
competing in today’s global economy.

As a proud parent of three children, two of whom currently
attending elementary school on the Washington unified school district…

We need a school board that can work collaboratively on
a common sustainable vision to make sure our students
can enjoy a safe environment with exception state of
the art facilities…

See below for the entire candidate statement.

What are some of the worst candidate literature typos you’ve ever seen?

Leave them in the comments!


Image via cogdogblog

Bad typo candidate statement by

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